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Durable Air Lifting Bags for Heavy Load Lifting Operations 0.17 0.33MPa

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China Qingdao Florescence Marine Supply Co., LTD. certification
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Durable Air Lifting Bags for Heavy Load Lifting Operations 0.17 0.33MPa

Durable Air Lifting Bags for Heavy Load Lifting Operations 0.17 0.33MPa

Usage Life: 8-10 Years Layers: 4 - 10 Layers
Accessories: Airbag End Fittings, Airbag Repair Kit Warranty: 2 Years
Application: Ship Launching Color: Black
Working Pressure: 0.08Mpa - 0.8Mpa Packing: Woven Bags
High Light:

ISO air lifting bags


Pressure 0.17 - 0.33MPa air lifting bags


Heavy Load Lifting air bags

Product Description:

The Marine Rubber Airbag is an essential tool designed for the maritime industry, specifically crafted to facilitate the safe and efficient launching of ships. These robust inflatable marine airbags are engineered with the highest quality materials to provide outstanding performance and durability. Our marine airbags offer an unparalleled level of customization to meet the exacting requirements of each unique ship launching project.

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we offer a wide array of customization options for our marine airbags. Each airbag can be tailored to specific dimensions, with a size range that includes diameters from 0.8 meters to 2.5 meters, and lengths spanning from 5 meters to 24 meters. This extensive size range ensures that our airbags can accommodate vessels of various sizes and weights with ease, making them a versatile solution for a multitude of ship launching scenarios.

The color of our marine rubber airbags is a sleek and professional black, chosen for its resistance to visible staining and its ability to blend seamlessly with the maritime environment. This color not only provides an aesthetic advantage but also offers practical benefits, helping to mask marks and scuffs that inevitably occur during the rigorous ship launching process.

To enhance the functionality and extend the lifespan of the marine rubber airbags, we supply essential accessories, including airbag end fittings and an airbag repair kit. The end fittings are crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of the airbag during inflation and operation, ensuring a secure and stable lift. The repair kit is a vital component for on-site repairs, allowing for quick and efficient patching of any damage, thereby minimizing downtime and maintaining productivity.

Our marine rubber airbags are more than just simple inflatable devices; they are advanced pneumatic air bags designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment. The material used in the construction of these airbags is selected for its high tensile strength and elasticity, which allows the airbags to absorb immense pressure without bursting. Additionally, they are resistant to wear and tear, providing a long service life even under the most challenging conditions.

The application of our marine rubber airbags is predominantly focused on ship launching. The process of moving a vessel from construction to the water is a critical phase, and our airbags offer a safe, reliable, and cost-effective method to achieve this transition. They operate by being strategically placed underneath the hull of the ship; once inflated, the airbags gently lift the boat, reducing friction and allowing it to be smoothly launched into the water.

Boat lift air bags are a modern alternative to traditional ship-launching methods, such as slipways or dry docks, which can be expensive and inflexible. The use of our marine rubber airbags minimizes the need for fixed launch structures, making it an ideal solution for locations where such facilities are not available or feasible. Furthermore, they are easily deflated and stored when not in use, making them an economical and space-saving option.

Safety is paramount in all our marine airbag designs. Each airbag is rigorously tested to ensure it meets strict industry standards before it is deemed ready for use. Our commitment to quality and safety ensures that each ship launch is conducted with the utmost confidence, backed by reliable and efficient marine rubber airbags.

In conclusion, our Marine Rubber Airbag is an indispensable asset to the ship launching process. The combination of customization, durability, and ease of use makes our airbags the preferred choice for maritime professionals worldwide. Whether it's for a small fishing boat or a sizeable commercial vessel, our inflatable marine airbags are designed to provide a seamless transition from land to sea, ensuring a successful launch every time.



  • Product Name: Marine Rubber Airbag
  • Material: Natural Rubber
  • Application: Ship Launching, Air Lifting Bags, Inflatable Boat Lift Bags
  • Layers: 4 - 10 layers for Enhanced Strength and Durability
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Size Range: Diameter 0.8m - 2.5m, Length 5m - 24m to Suit Various Vessels and Structures
  • Keywords: Inflatable Marine Airbags, Air Lifting Bags, Inflatable Boat Lift Bags

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Working Pressure 0.08Mpa - 0.8Mpa
Layers 4 - 10 layers
Application Ship Launching
Accessories Airbag End Fittings, Airbag Repair Kit
Usage Life 8-10 years
Warranty 2 years
Material Natural Rubber
Packing Woven Bags
Customization Available
Color Black


The Marine Rubber Airbag, predominantly black in color, is an exceptional tool designed for a variety of applications in the maritime industry. With an impressive size range, these airbags can have a diameter ranging from 0.8 meters to 2.5 meters and a length spanning from 5 meters to 24 meters, making them suitable for a wide array of vessels. The primary application of these robust airbags is for ship launching, a critical process that requires precision, safety, and reliability.

Boat lift air bags are integral to the ship launching procedure. The flexibility in size makes these marine rubber airbags ideal for lifting different types of vessels, ranging from small boats to larger ships. When deployed, these airbags help in uniformly raising the ship and gently launching it into the water. This method minimizes the risk of structural damage to the vessel and ensures a safe and smooth transition from land to sea.

Moreover, boat salvage airbags, as the name suggests, are pivotal in the recovery of sunken or stranded ships. Their high lifting capacity and durability allow these airbags to be positioned underneath the vessel, providing the necessary buoyancy to raise the ship from the seabed or to assist in its re-floatation. This application is not only practical but also cost-effective compared to traditional salvage methods, making marine rubber airbags a preferred choice for salvage operations.

Additionally, pneumatic lifting bags are another application for these versatile marine rubber airbags. They are used in various lifting operations within the maritime industry. Whether it's for adjusting the height of a dock or for underwater construction tasks, the controlled inflation and deflation of these airbags offer precise lifting capabilities that are essential in such scenarios.

Every Marine Rubber Airbag comes with a warranty of 2 years, ensuring that users can depend on their performance and durability over time. To enhance their utility, the airbags are equipped with necessary accessories such as airbag end fittings for secure anchorage and an airbag repair kit, ensuring that any unexpected damage can be swiftly and efficiently rectified, thereby minimizing downtime and extending the airbag's service life.

In conclusion, the Marine Rubber Airbag is a versatile and indispensable product for the maritime sector, designed for ship launching, salvage operations, and various pneumatic lifting tasks. Its size range, color, warranty, and accessories all contribute to its wide applicability and reliability across different maritime scenarios and occasions, making it a valuable asset for any marine operation.


Support and Services:

Our Marine Rubber Airbag product comes with comprehensive technical support and services designed to ensure smooth operation and long-lasting performance. We offer detailed product manuals and installation guides to facilitate proper usage and maintenance of your marine airbags.

Our team of experienced technicians is available to provide expert advice on product selection, handling, and deployment strategies tailored to your unique requirements and environmental conditions. We also provide troubleshooting assistance to address any operational concerns you may encounter with our marine rubber airbags.

To enhance the longevity and effectiveness of your marine airbags, we offer periodic inspection services and repair solutions. Our skilled service personnel can conduct on-site inspections to assess the condition of your airbags and recommend necessary actions to maintain optimal performance.

For clients requiring additional training, we provide hands-on training sessions covering the safe and effective use of marine rubber airbags, including best practices for inflation, deflation, storage, and repair techniques.

Please note that while we strive to provide extensive support and services, all physical interventions and services are subject to availability and may vary by location. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our Marine Rubber Airbag product and will endeavor to provide the highest quality support for your maritime operations.


Packing and Shipping:

The Marine Rubber Airbag will be securely packaged in a heavy-duty, weather-resistant, and UV-protected wrapping material to ensure its integrity and quality during transportation. The airbag will be tightly rolled and sealed to prevent any deformation or damage that could compromise its performance. Before dispatch, each airbag will undergo a final inspection to guarantee that it meets our rigorous standards.

For shipping, the packaged Marine Rubber Airbag will be carefully placed in a sturdy, wooden crate or on a pallet, depending on the size and quantity ordered. The crate or pallet will be clearly labeled with handling instructions, product details, and a tracking number for easy identification and tracking throughout the delivery process. The entire package will be secured using industrial-grade straps to prevent any movement during transit, ensuring the airbag arrives at its destination in the same condition it left our facility.



Q1: What are Marine Rubber Airbags used for?

A1: Marine Rubber Airbags, also known as ship launching airbags or pneumatic rollers, are commonly used for launching and landing ships, lifting and moving heavy structures, and for buoyancy aids during underwater construction. They are highly versatile in marine engineering applications.

Q2: What materials are Marine Rubber Airbags made from?

A2: Marine Rubber Airbags are typically made from heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers with inner and outer rubber layers. The materials are chosen for their high strength, flexibility, and resistance to wear, aging, and seawater.

Q3: How do you determine the size and type of airbag needed for a specific application?

A3: The size and type of airbag required depend on the weight and dimensions of the structure to be supported or moved, the working environment, and the specific application. It is important to consult with the airbag manufacturer to determine the appropriate specifications such as diameter, length, layer number, and load capacity.

Q4: Can Marine Rubber Airbags be reused?

A4: Yes, Marine Rubber Airbags are designed for multiple uses. The lifespan of an airbag depends on factors such as the frequency of use, maintenance, storage conditions, and handling. Regular inspections and proper care can extend the airbag's service life.

Q5: How are Marine Rubber Airbags inflated and how is the pressure controlled?

A5: Marine Rubber Airbags are inflated using a compressor or a manually operated pump. The pressure is controlled using a valve system that allows for precise inflation and deflation. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines on the correct operating pressure to ensure safety and prevent overinflation.

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